The following are documents or matters this office may review and, in some instances, revise or prepare for the Client:


Purchase or Sale
Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate
1031 Exchange – Contract draft/review/consult
Construction Agreements and Addenda
Default Remedies
Environmental Issues and Risks (Such as Lead-Based Paint Radon Gas)
Personal Property Inclusions
Septic Tanks, Tri-County Health Dept Regulation and Requirements

Identify Tax Considerations for Tax referrals
Transfer Taxes
Utility Agreements
Warranties On New Homes
Water Rights and Well Permits (or Referral to Others)
Well Permits
Zoning and Use Restrictions
Leaseback Agreements
Commercial Contracts
Commercial Leases
Residential Contracts
Residential Leases
For Sale Buy Owner (FSBO)
How to complete the Contract and related forms
Many Many Others

Holding of Title or Ownership Tenancy and Co-Ownership Choices (Joint Tenancy Tenancy in Common Preservation of Community Property status)
Co-Ownership Agreements

Title Review

Condition of Title
Review of Title Insurance Commitment
Review of Title Exceptions
HOA review – Common Interest Community Documents (Homeowner Associations Declarations of Articles Bylaws Rules/Regulations etc.) Condominium Documents such as Declarations Articles Bylaws Rules Regulations etc.
Protective/Restrictive Covenants
Access and Road Issues
Ditch and Agricultural Rights
Possible Liens
Improvement Location Certificates
Payment Terms
Protective/Restrictive Covenants
Title Documents and Conditions of Title
Title Insurance
Special Taxing Districts
Subdivision Issues

Loans and Financing Matters

Owner Carry Transaction – provisions, loan documents
All-Inclusive Notes and Deeds of Trust
Appraisal provisions
Assumption and Modification Agreements
Subordination Provisions
Releases of Deeds of Trust rights etc.)
Seller Financing Terms and Documentation
Promissory Notes
Deeds of Trust (Mortgages)
Financing and Payment Terms
Financing Provisions
Loan Documents (Deeds of Trust Promissory Notes and Other Loan Documents)
Lender required Affidavits
Due on Sale or Transfer limitations
Short Sale Addenda
REO – Real Estate Owned Property purchases
Consult – Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act
Consult – Mortgage Loan Originator

Closings and Closing Documents

Closing Documents
Deed Types
Personal Representative Deed
Pro rations (Taxes Insurance Utilities Homeowners Assessments etc.)
Other Site Specific Documents
Escrow Agreements
Tax Agreements
Tax Agreements Real Estate Taxes Tax Certificates
Tax Certificates
Settlement Statements
Indemnity Agreements Closing Statements


Listing (Buyer_ Seller) – Agency or Transaction-Broker Agreements
Consulting with Brokers and Attorneys on requirements of the Colorado Real Estate Commission, Court decisions
Real Estate Brokerage Act
Real Estate License Law
Office Policy Manuals
Independent Contractor Agreements
Affiliated Business Arrangements
AfBA Disclosure
Compliant Broker Addenda to Listing Contracts
Compliant Addenda to Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate
Limited Service arrangements – consult
RESPA Compliance
General Counsel, Special Counsel, Consulting – Brokers Attorneys

Colorado Real Estate Commission/DORA – Association of Realtors Complaints and proceedings with the Colorado Real Estate Commission/DORA

Realtor-Association-Board – Brokerage Commission Arbitration Hearings Association-Board of Realtor Ethics Complaints and Hearings


Limited Liability Companies
LLC Operating Agreements
LLC Articles of Organization
Articles of Incorporations

EXPERT WITNESS – Consulting – Testifying

Standard of Care – Real Estate Broker
Colorado Real Estate Commission Forms
CREC Contract to Buy and Sell
Seller Property Disclosure form
Requirements of Real Estate License Law
Requirements and meaning of Real Estate Brokerage Act
Duties of a Seller’s Broker
Duties of a Buyer’s Broker
Brokerage Disclosure Duties
Duties and Standard of Care of all Brokers in a transaction
Duties and Standard of Care of all Brokers in disclosure
Duties and Standard of Care of Broker in performing due diligence
This office also maintains a limited litigation consulting practice restricted to certain real estate matters. Mr. Levine regularly serves as an Expert Witness and consultant in a number or cases involving the Colorado Real Estate Commission, Colorado Real Estate Commission’s Standard and Approved Real Estate Contract and other related forms, real estate practice, and most especially the duties and responsibilities of a Real Estate Broker in Colorado.